High Quality Bullion Straps with Double Border. These boards were used pre and early Civil War.and are priced per pair.
2 stars Major General
1 star Brigadier General
Eagle Colonel
Silver Oak Leaf Lieutenant Colonel
Gold Oak Leaf Major-
2 bars Captain-
1 bar First Lieutenant
no bar Second Lieutenant
  • Light Blue = Infantry
  • Yellow = Cavalry
  • Red = Artillery
  • Dark Blue/Black = Staff
  • Dark Blue/Black with “MS” = Medical Service
  • Dark Blue/Black with cross = Chaplain
  • Dark Blue/Black with “PD” = Payroll Department
  • Dark Blue/Black with silver castle = Engineer
  • Green = Sharpshooter

NOTE: Not all ranks are available for all branches

NOTE: All general rank are dark blue. Branch of service color for generals was not used until the 1870’s.
NOTE: Our staff shoulder board backgrounds are a very dark navy blue almost black.