The Field Manual for the use of Officers on Ordnance Duty, prepared by the Confederate Ordnance Bureau in 1862, is rather unique when compared to other contemporary Confederate imprints. Unlike The Ordnance Manual and the Ordnance Regulations which were almost verbatim copies of their northern counterparts, The Field manual presents a fresh look at Confederate ordnance materials. Although there are certain sections borrowed from J.G. Benton’s Ordnance and Gunnery, and The ordnance Manual, this volume contains a wealth of original information. It can be viewed as the way things were, rather than ought to be.

The Field manual contains chapters on:
Artillery Carriages
Artillery Implements & Equipments
Artillery harness
Small Arms, Swords, Sabres
Equipment of Batteries for Field Service
Mechanical Maneuvers and Artillery Practice
Miscellaneous Information