Tent Fly, approximately11’9″ by 12′. Our standard tents and flies are made from 10.38 ounce cotton duck canvas and are fire, water, & mildew resistant. Poles, stakes, & ropes are not included.

~Tent can take one week to make before shipping!!!

Pole and Stake Requirements


  • One (1) Ridge Pole 2×3 or 2×4, should be 12’ in length
  • Two (2) Upright Poles 2×3 or 2×4, Should be 6’
  • Four (4), Six (6) or Ten (10) Wall Support Poles, less than 6’ high (length truly depends on the user)
  • Eight (8), Ten (10) or Fourteen (14) Ropes for Side Support, two on each corner for extra stability.
  • Eight (8) to Fourteen (14) Tent Stakes

Uprights require a 10 penny nail or steel pin at least 3/8” in diameter. The length of the pin should be five (5) inches with three (3) inches inserted into the upright. IMPORTANT: the pin should NOT protrude through the ridge pole.