This is 2nd South Carolina String Band’s most recent CD. We hope you enjoy this CD as much as all the other great CD’s by our friends the 2nd South Carolina String Band.

Song List:

  1. Old Joe
  2. Gum Tree Canoe
  3. Darling Nelly Gray
  4. Flowers of Edinburg Welcome Here Again
  5. Old Dog Tray
  6. Ashokan Farwell
  7. Dissolution Wagon
  8. Riding A Raid
  9. My Lodgings On The Cold, Cold Ground
  10. Stonewall Jackson’s Way
  11. College Hornpipe-Rakes of Mallow
  12. German Waltz (Heaven’s Gate Waltz)
  13. I Goes To Fight Mit Sigel
  14. Spanish Waltz
  15. Maryland My Maryland
  16. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
  17. The Wearing Of The Grey
  18. Home Sweet Home