As per the 1861 U.S. Army Uniform Regulations, “1501 – For all Enlisted Mounted Men-yellow metal, according to pattern” and spurs were described as following: “1648 – SPURS (brass).-2 spurs, 2 rowels, 2 rivets, 2 spur straps, 19 inches long, 2 roller buckles, 0.625 inch, 2 standing loops. Length of heel for No. 1, 3~ inches; for No. 2, 31 inches-inside meas. Width of heel ” 3i ” ” 3 “‘ Length of shank to centre of rowel, 1 inch. Diameter of rowel, 0.85 inch.”

Our reproduction spurs are made of solid brass with steel rowels. If purchasing leather straps, we recommend you lightly wet the straps before installing them. This will facilitate ease of movement.