This CD is a collection of songs and melodies which were well known to Southerners and Northerners alike; tunes that were a familiar and comfortable part of life in the years leading up to the War Between the States. Many of these compositions were written by the likes of Stephen Foster and Daniel Emmett, giants of the popular music industry of their day. Some of the titles, Ol’ Dan Tucker, Dixie’s Land, and Hard Times Come Again No More, are still familiar to the modern-day ear. Other titles on this album, though not familiar to the eye, will be quickly recognizable to the ear. ALL selections on this album are performed on authentic instruments of the period and were chosen for the appealing nature of their rhythms and melodies. They are presented with as unique and individual a spirit as one might expect from a true Confederate camp band of the era.

Song list:

  1. Dixie’s Land
  2. Southern Soldier
  3. Good Ol’ Rebel
  4. Jenny Get Your Hoe Cake Done
  5. Old Dan Tucker
  6. Fisher’s Hornpipe
  7. Palmetto Quickstep (Instrumental)
  8. Johnny Booker
  9. Jackson in the Valley
  10. Kemo Kimo
  11. McLeod’s Reel (Instrumental)
  12. Oh! Lud Gals!
  13. Boatman’s Song
  14. Hard Times
  15. Rock dat Cradle, Julie (Soldier’s Joy)
  16. John Brown’s March / John Brown’s Dream (Instrumental)
  17. Arkansas Traveler (Instrumental)
  18. Zip Coon