Richmond Depot Type II Shell Jacket

In mid-1862, the Type I was phased out for the Type II. Due to scarce supplies, they were made of jeans (a mixture of wool and cotton) or satinette and cassimere. There are several extant examples of Type IIs throughout out the U.S., including the Museum of the Confederacy. The Richmond Depot Type II jacket is characterized by a nine-button front, no buttons on the cuffs, top-stitched edges, shoulder straps, belt loops on each hip, an unbleached cotton osnaburg lining and interior pockets. It has a six piece body and two piece sleeves. Generally, it has no trim, although examples with partial trim do exist.

Pictured in Jean Wool Brown wool. Other wool colors and jean cloth available for additional charge. Researched, documented and made to exacting standards for authenticity! Note: Buttons are included on all uniforms we sell.

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