The Pritchett, or Metford-Pritchett, bullet was used in the .577″ calibre family of muskets in the British army from the introduction of the Original Pritchett P-1853 Enfield musket in 1853. Basically the Pritchett was a hollow based smooth sided conical bullet that was loaded paper patched in the musket. The diameter of the un-patched bullet was .568″, but in 1858 the diameter was reduced to .550″. It weighed 530 grains.

Our reproduction rounds by Jefferson Arsenal are .560cal, 536 grains with the hollow (English) base. They are boxed in quantities of 20. We recommend you pair this with either our paper tubes or the Jefferson Arsenal packs. THESE ARE NOT FOR USE, AND SHOULD NOT BE CARRIED, FOR REENACTMENT BATTLES