Period correct sewn cotton canteen strap for tin, wood, and stainless steel canteens. 72 inches in length.
Available in plain for CS or US Philadelphia Depot or stamped with either “Holenshade Morris & Co.” (maker), “A.G. Spencer U.S. Insp.” for Cincinnati Depot canteens or “T.F. Bayles U.S. Inspector” for New York Depot canteens. Please specify which stamp you prefer. Made in Pennsylvania.

Some of the differences are:

  • New York Depot, folded cotton strap with “T.F. Bayles, U.S. Inspector” stamp.
  • Cincinnati Depot, folded cotton strap with maker “Holenshade” and U.S. Inspector A. G. Spencer”.
  • Confederate Issue or Philadelphia Depot, plain strap no stamp.