“RAISE A RUCKUS” 97th Regimental String Band Volume 5, copyright 1991, 45 minutes A nation weary of war turned to the new, uniquely American form of entertainment, the minstrel show, to find escape. Crude jokes, slapstick, comic plays would evolve into and eventually be replaced by Vaudeville. From the first performance to the last obscure minstrel, music was the glue that held everything together. Follow the music of the Civil War from the dank prison cell to the trenches of Vicksburg: from the blood-washed deck of the “Cumberland” to the final, exultant peace jubilee.

  1. Lubly Fan
  2. Ring the Banjo
  3. Old Folks At Home
  4. Camptown Races
  5. Hard Times Conic Again No More
  6. If You’ve Only Got a Mustache
  7. Blue-Tail Fly
  8. Oh, Susanna
  9. Old Dog Tray
  10. Beautiful Dreamer
  11. The Glendy Burk
  12. My Old Kentucky Home
  13. Raise a Ruckus