This beautiful M1884 Cadet Rifle is in great shape with roughly 90% of its original bluing and 95% of its original case colors remaining. This is a true Cadet rifle-not a cut down. These Cadet rifles were built for use in military academies like West Point. They are a scaled-down version of the standard M1884 Rifle; although they both fire the same 45-70 cartridge. These Cadet rifles were approved by the War Department in 1884 but production ran from 1887 through 1893.

This Cadet rifle is in great shape. The stock is beautiful with a deep, legible inspector’s cartouche on the left side lock panel; indicating that the stock was never sanded or refinished. There is one crack from the rear lockplate screw, typical of over-tightening; however, the remaining marks on the stock are expected from periodic use by the cadet corps. The lock is very crisp with a good 3 notch tumbler that holds solid in all positions. The lock plate and hammer are in excellent condition with their original bluing intact and in great shape. The barrel is excellent and full length at 29 1/2″. The bore is very crisp with sharp rifling and no rust or pitting. Both front and rear sights are intact and functional. The Buffington rear sight is in excellent condition and fully functional, with no cracks or broken pieces. The stamps at the breech are crisp and legible. The bluing in wonderful with no rust, pitting, or damage. The receiver and breech block are a nice, tight, fit with no wobble or slop. the breech block and tang are beautifully case colored as is correct for the Cadet rifle. The receiver is blued with some light wear around the edges and no rust or pitting. The furniture is all original and matching with wonderful bluing. The cleaning rod is original and full length. The trigger is serrated; as is correct for the Cadet rifle. This is a beautiful, rare, trapdoor rifle and would be the ideal choice for any collector looking to add a 45-70 to his collection.


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