This officer hat insignia features gold embroidery on a black velvet field and is made with top quality craftsmanship. Comes in Large for slouch hats and Small for kepis.

Although there is no pictoral evidence of this badge, it is a nice emblem for mason civil war reenactors to wear on their uniforms. During the Civil War, Freemasons fought for both sides, Union General George B. MacClellan was a Mason, as was Confederate Brigadier General Lewis Addison Armistead, and Union Major General Winfield Scott Hancock, Captain Henry Bingham, General Winfield Scott, Confederate General Beauregard, Major General Henry Heth, Brigadier General George E. Pickett just to name a few.

During the Civil War, Masons formed military lodges within their regiments. Some 94 Union and 150 Confederate military lodges are known to have existed. These military lodges allowed the men who shared Lodge at home to continue their traditions, and also to induct an unknown number of the comrades in arms.

This sense of brotherhood transcended the battlefield, the war and the disagreements of politics that made the Civil War possible. There are numerous accounts of Masons coming to each others aid during the war, regardless which side they fought for. Calling upon your Masonic Brother was more significant than any call of battle.