“MARCHING ALONG” 97th Regimental String Band Volume 6, copyright 1995, 45 minutes.

Strap on your knapsack once again, and join the armies as they advance in the face of boredom, hunger, practical jokes, and a host of other perils. Got a first hand account of how to utilize the ubiquitous Army Mule as a plaything or an entree.

  1.  Marching Along
  2. Invalid Corps
  3. The Alabama and Kearsarge
  4. Old Maui
  5. Sweet Evalina
  6. Pop Goes The Weasel
  7. Kathleen Mavounicen
  8. Mister, Here’s Your Mule
  9. Men of Harlech
  10. Garyowen
  11. Gentle Annie
  12. The Girl I Left Behind Me
  13. Haul on the Bowline
  14. A Life on the Vicksburg Bluff
  15. Home! Sweet Home