M1860 Spencer Carbine
This is a Civil War Spencer, .52 caliber repeating carbine in original, wonderful, untouched condition. It is an example of the 1st Model Spencer seven-shot carbine without any modifications that were added later in the war.
The serial number is 58204 is deep and clear. The barrel is 22″ long which i correct for a model 1860 Carbine. The forend and butt stock are in very good condition with the normal dings and dents scattered throughout. The butt stock has a cartouche. The stocks do not have any cracks which is unusual for a Civil War Spencer. The bore is good with light pitting and surface dirt.
The metal has an attractive pleasing brown patina overall. The receiver has the remnants of the original case coloring turning silver.
The original folding rear sight and small brass blade front sight are intact.

The original, steel, tubular loading magazine located in the buttstock is in very good, undented conditions and fits very well in the shoulder stock. The sling bar, ring and swivel are all present and functional. The screw heads are in very good condition.

The receiver, is stamped with ” SPENCER REPEATING / RIFLE CO. BOSTON MASS / PAT’S MARCH 6, 1860″ in three lines. Stamping is worn on one end.
It is very difficult to find an untouched Civil War Spencer Carbine. This could made a wonderful addition to any Civil War collection.
Calvary regiments who were issued the M1860 Spencer carbine were:
1st Connecticut Cavalry, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Michigan Cavalry, 4th US Cavalry, 5th New York Cavalry, 1st New York Veteran Cavalry, 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry, 8th Indiana Cavalry, and the 1st New Jersey Cavalry.