In blue (US) or gray (CS) wool with leather brim and chin strap. Made in the U.S.A.


The model 1858 forage cap evolved directly from the shako used by the regular army earlier in the 1850s. Essentially, the forage cap, described by some troops as “shapeless as a feedbag,” was a less-expensive and more comfortable version of the earlier shako with the stiffening removed. The forage cap became the most common form of cap worn by U.S. regulars and volunteers during the Civil War.
While some Confederate troops wore the forage cap (Confederate General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson wore the plain dark blue round-visored forage cap from his days as an instructor at the Virginia Military Institute), Confederate uniform regulations specified a French-style kepi. Regulations were often ignored because of the scarcity of materials and the need for rapid production. The average Confederate kepi usually was a simple gray or butternut cap made of wool or jean wool.


Hat Size Chart
Measurement in Inches Hat Size Civilian Military
21 1/8″ Small 6 3/4 1
21 1/2″ Small 6 7/8 2
21 7/8″ Medium 7 3
22 1/4″ Medium 7 1/8 4
22 5/8″ Large 7 1/4 5
23″ Large 7 3/8 6
23 1/2″ XL 7 1/2 7
23 7/8″ XL 7 5/8 8
24 1/4″ XL 7 3/4 9

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