Our brogans are made of high-quality, and pliable, leather, pegged soles and available in sizes 3 to 15-1/2. Heel plates can be installed for $10.95. (Must be ordered separately) These brogans are the perfect footwear for daily wear (but please remember to take care of them with our leather products)!

The term ‘brogan’ is derived from English “Brogue”, a rugged shoe that almost covered the ankle as opposed to a shoe which was lower and a boot which was longer. Brogan is now generally applied to any heavy, ankle high shoe typically worn by a civil war soldier. The standard model that was available was the M1851 Jefferson, named after Thomas Jefferson who, at his inauguration in 1801, wore laced-up shoes (one of the first ‘fads’ for America) in support of the French Republic. This set a fashion. All laced shoes were soon called “Jefferson Shoes until the 1880s. The civil war brogan was a square-toed model, with four eyelets and leather laces. During the 1860s brogans were interchangeable (called straight lasts); however, our shoes our sized for the left and right foot. 95% of all brogans delivered by the Allegheny Arsenal (of over 1 million pairs) were sewn, as pegged brogans were considered sub-standard by the government.

As per the Army Uniform Regulations of 1861 (rarely observed by the rank and file):

  • 1497 – For all officers – Ankle or Jefferson Boots
  • 1498 – For enlisted men of Cavalry and Light Artillery – Ankle or Jefferson Boots, rights and lefts, according to pattern
  • 1499 – For enlisted men of Artillery, Infantry, Engineers and Ordnance – Jefferson Boots, rights and lefts, according to pattern