“Homespun: Songs of the CSA” Bobby Horton Volume 6, copyright 2001.

Contains 60 minutes of favorite tales from Bobby Horton.

  1.  God Will Defend the Right
  2. God Save the South
  3. Confederate Song
  4. Our Boys are Gone
  5. Annie Laurie
  6. The Battle of Shiloh
  7. I Love to be a Soldier
  8. Campfire Medley:  Granny does Your Dog Bite/Old Joe Camp
  9. Mother is the Battle Over?
  10. The Stars of Our Banner
  11. The South
  12. Take Me Home
  13. Mother Would Comfort Me
  14. Darling Nelly Gray
  15. My Southern Land
  16. The Capture of 17 of Co. H, 4th Texas Cavalry
  17. O! No He’ll not Need Them Again
  18. Southern Birthright