“Homespun: Songs of the CSA” Bobby Horton Volume 5, copyright 1993.

Eighteen more favorites from Bobby Horton.

  1.  Ye Cavaliers of Dixie
  2. The Soldier’s Farewell
  3. The Cross of the South
  4. Old Abe’s Lament
  5. The North Carolina War Song
  6. The Cavalier’s Glee
  7. The Bowld Sojer Boy
  8. Do They Miss Me at Home?
  9. The Kentucky Ballad Song
  10. The Infantry
  11. John Harrolson
  12. The Soldier’s Suit of Grey
  13. The South Shall Rise up Free
  14. General Butler
  15. The Mother of the Soldier Boy
  16. General Forrest, a Confederate
  17. Hood’s Old Brigade
  18. The Conquered Banner