“Homespun: Songs of the CSA” Bobby Horton Volume 3, copyright 1987.

Contains such favorites as Cheer Boys Cheer, God Save the Southern Land, Somebody’s Darling, The Southern Soldier Boy, The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, Wearing of the Gray, plus many more.

  1.  Old Abner’s Shoes
  2. Cheer Boys Cheer
  3. God Save the South
  4. Root Hog, or Die
  5. Somebody’s Darling
  6. The Reluctant Conscript
  7. The Southern Soldier Boy
  8. Goober Peas
  9. Just Before the Battle Mother (Parody)
  10. the Captain and His Whiskers
  11. Boys, Keep Your Powder Dry
  12. Mister here’s Your Mule
  13. The Drummer Boy of Shiloh
  14. Gay and Happy
  15. Katy Wells
  16. A Life on the Vicksburg Bluff
  17. The Soldier’s Grave
  18. Wearing of the Gray
  19. Dixie