The 2nd South Carolina String Band recorded their first album; WE’RE TENTING TONIGHT, in 1991. Containing 15 of the most popular songs of the War Between the States, it was well received from the start and continues to be a strong seller. In fact, it was so well received that the band was encouraged to produce a second album, WE ARE A BAND OF BROTHERS, released two years later in 1993. This recording profited from the experience gained since the first – being produced in a better studio with better technology – as well as from two more years of performances together by a band whose reputation was already spreading rapidly. This second album contained another 15 of the most well known songs of the era, thus making the two together a sort of “Top 30″ of the Civil War. Many years later, these two albums continue to attract listeners and fans, new and old. So much so that, pursuant to countless requests to bring them both out on CD, we have done just that! We are proud to offer the our first two albums together at last on one recording. The best of WE’RE TENTING TONIGHT and WE ARE A BAND OF BROTHERS, are here presented with a driving, spirited, and exciting sound worthy of the men whose memory and spirit we strive to honor and evoke.

Song list:

  1.  Tenting in the Old Campground
  2. Battle Cry of Freedom
  3. Cavalier’s Waltz
  4. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  5. Cindy
  6. Oh! Susanna
  7. Invalid Corps
  8. Buffalo Gals
  9. Kingdom Coming
  10. Bonnie Blue Flag
  11. Jine the Cavalry
  12. Ring de Banjo
  13. Rose of Alabama
  14. Camptown Races
  15. Goober Peas
  16. Cumberland Gap
  17. Sweet Betsey from Pike
  18. Lorena
  19. The Vacant Chair
  20. Richmond is a Hard Road