Within this publication, to the maximum extent possible, the original texts, tables and drawings are reprinted in their original form in order to maintain, restore or replace parts of the battery wagon.

The battery wagon consisted of a limber and a long-bodied car with a round top. This car was connected to the limber in the same way as all other field-carriages. The lid opened on hinges placed at the side. In the rear was fixed a movable forage-rack, for carrying forage. One of these battery wagons accompanied each field-battery, for the purpose of transporting carriagemakers and saddlers tools, spare parts of carriages, harness, equipment, and rough materials for replacing different parts. Other battery-wagons were provided for the field park for use by the general Army. The battery-wagon like all other field artillery carriages was made of the same mobility, in order to accompany the battery wherever it might be required to go.

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