Our vests are made in America and are available in dark or light blue wool, lined, with adjusting belt in the back. Three external pockets are included. A wool collar is standard, black velvet collar available for additional charge. Includes choice of standard US Eagle, Eagle I, Eagle C, or Eagle A buttons. US Eagle staff (muffin type) buttons available for additional charge.

Vests were not issued items and are only mentioned in the 1861 Army regulations (#1632 – …officers are permitted to wear a buff, white, or blue vest, with the small button of their corps, regiment, or department) for wear by officers.

In an era when the average room temperature was much less than today extra layers of clothing were desirable. The wear of a vest allowed an officer to wear his coat to remain warm and maintain a gentlemanly appearance.

Call (717)338-1850 to place an order for clothing. Due to COVID and the loss of many of the sewers turn around time for most clothing items is 2-3 months