This double breasted frock coat was worn by Confederate officers. An officer’s rank was distinguished by the number of rows of sleeve braid and different collar insignia. The price listed includes gold sleeve rank braid and collar insignia. The coat is lined and has an inside left breast pocket. Flap style pockets in the folds of the skirt are included. The coat has the branch of service colors on the collar and cuff facings. Matching lapel facings are available for additional cost. All frock coats have a raw bottom edge as per originals. Per regulations, the coat has 14 equally spaced large buttons on the front. Sleeves have 3 small buttons per cuff. Please specify wool color choice, rank, and button choice. Researched, documented and made to exacting standards for authenticity! Note: Buttons are included on all uniforms we sell. Please note in your order comments what type of button  and branch colors you would prefer on your frock.

Call (717)338-1850 to place an order for clothing. Due to COVID and the loss of many of the sewers turn around time for most clothing items is 2-3 months