The civil war standard, it is 6′ high, 6′ deep, and 8′ 4″ across the back at ground level. Complete with sewn in loops for stakes and flap ties. Requires 9 stakes (not included). Single door is standard. Second door, and sod cloths available for additional cost.

Our standard tents and flies are made from 10.38 ounce cotton duck canvas and are fire, water, & mildew resistant. Poles, stakes, & ropes are not included.

~Tent can take one week to make before shipping!!!

* A sod cloth is a band of material 10″ – 15″ that is sewn in around the bottom of a tent. Its purpose is to create a seal to the ground. This is accomplished by placing sod on it (burying it) this will prevent wind and rain from entering the tent from the bottom.

Pole and Stake Requirements
• One (1) Ridge Pole 2×3 or 2×4, should be 70” in length
• Two (2) Upright Poles 2×3 or 2×4, should be 5’ 10”
• Nine (9) Tent Stakes

Uprights require a 10 penny nail or steel pin at least 3/8” in diameter. The length of the pin should be five (5) inches with three (3) inches inserted into the upright. IMPORTANT: the pin should NOT protrude through the ridge pole.

Poles can be made by going to LOWES or Home Depot. Give them the measurements for the poles and they will cut them to length. Just add the hole in the top of the uprights, insert the pin and you are ready to go!!!!

No ropes are required for this tent, but you will need nine (9) tent stakes (NOT INCLUDED). Iron tent stakes are recommended.