For use in lining your canteens with beeswax to help prevent leaks, rust and make better tasting water, or any other use you may have for bees wax.

Bees wax acts as a natural lubricant on screws, nails, handsaw blades, files and much more in the workshop
Cosmetics: Beeswax combines with other nourishing oils to make the finest quality salves, lotions, lip balms, etc. Substitute beeswax in all recipes calling for paraffin or other petroleum-based ingredients for a smoother, longer-lasting product.
Doorways, windows & zippers: Rub beeswax along door jambs and windows to reduce sticking. Beeswax acts as a natural lubricant
Furniture Polish: Beeswax and lemon is the ultimate fine Furniture Polish, and one of the reasons so many well preserved antique wooden furniture treasures still remain
Thread Conditioning: Run your thread through a piece of beeswax then smooth the thread to remove excess beeswax. This makes the thread stronger and will reduce its tendency to tangle. This is perfect for any hand sewing.